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Published: Jun 22, 2020

A brief essay on Tugay vegetation of the Zarafshan floodplain

1-7 Khislat K. Khaydarov

Preparation of melanin from silkworm wastes and studying its physical and chemical characteristics

8-12 Kalonova M., Tashmatova R.V., Mukhamadiev N.K.

Quantitative assessment of efficiency of inhibitors, nitrogen containing compounds on the results of electrochemical and gravimetric research

13-30 Eshmamatova N.B., Abdiraimova K.M.

Possibilities of using essential oils in obstetric and gynecological practice

31-43 Muhamadiev A.N., Rabbimova G.T., Nurmurodova S.A., Muhamadiev N.K.

On the study of secondary post-rotational nystagmus in adolescents

44-48 H.E. Karabaev, M.T. Nasretdinova

Synthesis and pre-clinical study of safety of nanoparticles of selenium stabilized Sodium-Carbocylmethylcellulose

49-65 A.A. Sarymsakov, Kh.E. Yunusov, F.M. Turakulov, Z.Z. Hakimov, P.M. Bychkovsky, A.Kh. Rakhmanov