Efficiency of immunomodulating therapy in acute obstructive bronchitis in children

  • Ibatova Sh.M. Samarkand State Medical Institute
  • Muhamadiev N.Q. Samarkand State University
Keywords: acute obstructive bronchitis, patients, relapse, immune status, T-activin, immunomodulatory therapy


A corrective method for the treatment of acute obstructive bronchitis is proposed, including T-activin in the complex therapy of children with acute obstructive bronchitis. In order to correct the immunological parameters, patients with ARD were prescribed T-activin subcutaneously at the rate of 2 μg / kg of body weight daily for 5 days and the sixth injection a week after injections. Clinically, all children who received T-activin showed positive dynamics with an increase in the effectiveness of treatment, which contributed to the normalization of indicators of the immune status of patients and prevented the development of relapses of the disease


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