About specific endonasal extraction of cysts of the maxillary sinus

  • Karabaev Hurram Esankulovich Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institut
  • Nasretdinova Maxzuna Taxinovna Samarkand State Medical Institute
Keywords: Chronic sinusitis, maxillary sinus cysts, port guide


Maxillary sinus cysts most often result from a blockage of the mucus-secreting gland and swelling of the mucous membrane. The method of choice in the treatment of patients with a cyst of the maxillary sinus remains surgical. In rhinology, sparing methods of surgical interventions are increasingly used, the atraumatic nature of which practically does not affect the further formation of the anatomical structures of the nose, paranasal sinuses and their physiological functions. We applied the technique of sparing endonasal removal of the cyst of the maxillary sinus through the lower nasal passage, with intact structures of the ostiomeatal complex, using a port guide. The gentle surgical intervention we have proposed is easier to tolerate than radical surgery on this sinus. Patients stayed in the hospital for 2 to 5 days


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