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Many questions of etiology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of purulent-inflammatory processes of the maxillofacial region remain unresolved to this day, which explains the constant interest and attention of researchers to them (Roginsky V. V., Korinskaya N. N., 1996; Ushakov R. V. 1995; Kawai T. etal., 1998, etc.). Meanwhile, it is known that acute inflammatory processes of the maxillofacial region in children often develop with reduced immunological reactivity of the body, and the course of the disease and the likelihood of complications are largely determined by the initial indicators of immunity.

In the structure of this pathology, a special place is occupied by odontogenic inflammatory diseases and their complications against the background of reduced immunity due to recurrent respiratory infections in children (Zuev V. P. 1994; Kazimirsky V. A. ssoavt, 1996, Henderson, 1995; Henderson, Wilson, 1995, 1996, etc.). The course of odontogenic infection in children has a number of features due to the relative immaturity of the child's organs and tissues, imperfection of immunity, abundance of lymphatic tissue, the presence of anatomical and physiological features of the structure of teeth and jaws, ease of damage and increased permeability to microbes of natural protective barriers, etc.


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S., T. G. (2021). The Prevalence of Odontogenic Inflammatory Diseases in Frequently ILL Children. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 2(4), 56-59.


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