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In our Republic, according to studies conducted in 2019-2020, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Uzbekistan is 8.7% among people over the age of 35. Along with diabetes mellitus, diseases of the thyroid gland now occupy a leading place in the structure of all endocrinopathies. First of all, this is explained by the breadth of prevalence of diffuse goiter in iodine-deficient regions, to which Uzbekistan also belongs. Complications of diabetes mellitus and diffuse toxic goiter is an important problem for the Republic of Uzbekistan, both from a medical and socio-economic point of view. The presented literature review examines modern data on the features of the clinical course of purulent surgical diseases against the background of concomitant endocrine pathologies, diabetes mellitus and diffuse toxic goiter based on world sources. For the selection of data, the following databases were used: Scopus, SpringerNature, PubMED, GoogleScolar, the RSCI Elibrary database, etc.


purulent surgical diseases of soft tissues diabetes mellitus diffuse toxic goiter features of the clinical course

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Makhsudovich, K. O., & Shavkatovich, B. T. (2021). Peculiarities of the Clinical Course of Purulent Surgical Diseases in Patients with Common Endocrinological Pathologies (Literature Review). Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 2(4), 47-52.


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