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The vascular endothelium is a unique “endocrine tree” that lines absolutely all organs of the body’s vascular system. Endothelial cells create a barrier between blood and tissues, perform a number of important regulatory functions, synthesizing and secreting a large number of different biologically active substances. The strategic location of the endothelium allows it to be sensitive to changes in the hemodynamic system, signals carried by the blood, and signals from the underlying tissues. In this article was given data about genes which leading to endothelial dysfunction and postpartum hemorrhage and were collected from women with uterine atony in postpartum period.


endothelial dysfunction gene hemodynamic system postpartum hemorrhage uterine atony

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D. K., N., U. A., A., I. A., K., F. A., A., & U. A., S. (2024). THE ROLE OF ENDOTHELIAL DYSFUNCTION GENES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF POSTPARTUM HEMORRHAGE. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 5(1), 448-453.


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