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The article presents a digital material illustrating the sanitary and hygienic problem that has arisen as a result of environmental pollution (atmospheric air, water, soil) by livestock and poultry waste due to imperfect technology for keeping farm animals (ventilation system, microclimate optimization and disposal of solid and liquid production waste). It is shown how many and what kind of waste products an agricultural animal (poultry, pigs, cattle) releases during different periods of ontogenesis and what volumes of them, not disposed of, are stored, polluting the habitat of animals and humans with substances harmful to their health (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, urea, protein decomposition products and others). Numerous pathogenic organisms enter the soil, groundwater and surface waters with manure, droppings, and sewage, which retain their viability and virulence for a long time, maintaining the circulation of pathogens of dangerous diseases of farm animals and humans (salmonellosis, brucellosis, tuberculosis, helminthiasis, coccidiosis and others). The abundance of animals in agricultural complexes with suboptimal cultivation technology contributes to the spread and maintenance of various dangerous diseases that reduce the productivity and vitality of animals.


environment pathogens farm animal waste soil fertility preservation environmental and food security

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Kosimov, KH .O. (2024). ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTIONFROM FARM ANIMAL WASTE. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 5(1), 351-355.


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