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Rehabilitation in the aspect of systemic functional neurodynamics and neuroplasticity is the maintenance of the general active background and tone of the central nervous system, which is provided by a dosed influx of stimuli from the periphery and training of modal-specific processes, including visual, auditory, kinesthetic, sensory analyzers. When working with patients at this level, the fan principle is observed (G. E. Ivanova, 2009), based on the initial stimulation of the preserved one modality with the step-by-step involvement of other modalities. For example, after correcting posture disorders, pathological attitudes of paretic limbs, they move on to restoring fine motor skills of the hand, training walking speed (timed walking test), and complicating speech therapy classes.


Verticalization Recovery Strokes Ischemic neuroplasticity neurodynamics

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S., P. S., Sh., R. R., & Sh., M. F. (2021). Verticalization in Early Rehabilitation of Ischemic Strokes and Features of Movement Recovery. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 2(4), 5-7.


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