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Relevance of the study. Pathological tooth extraction is a polyethiological process that is accompanied by pathological changes in the dentition. Increased tooth hard tissue edging leads to impaired and brittle enamel and dentin tissue histogenesis, meaning that mineralization is not a complete dressing on enamel and dentin floors. As a result of this, the hard tissue of the tooth is resistant to chewing pressure, and pathological edging is rapid. Due to this, the normal shape of the teeth is disturbed, the stamens, the edges of the incision are loaded, the height of the tooth crown decreases. In the case of a strong exacerbation of pathological edirsia, only the root of the teeth will coalesce, the surface of which will be located on the surface of the edges of the gums. Dental hard tissue pathological editation in the form of a rapidly undergoing decompensator leads to functional and morphological changes in the face-jaw, chewing muscles, lower jaw of the chakra, moving to the border of enamel dentin.



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Akhatov Vokhidjon Asatullaevich, & Saidov Akbar Ahadovich. (2024). DEVELOPMENT OF EARLY DIAGNOSIS AND PREVENTIVE MEASURES OF PATHOLOGICAL EDIRISM OF TEETH AMONG WORKERS. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 5(1), 320-324.


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