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Current data on the prevalence of facial nerve neuropathy (FNN), averaging 20 cases per hundred thousand population and among the paediatric population, is the most frequent form of peripheral nervous system lesions. It accounts for more than 90% of all mononeuropathies occurring in childhood [1, 7, 9]. Despite the large number of scientific works, there are still open questions on the factorial results of etiopathogenesis and course of the disease in childhood. For example, the aspects of the virus in the onset and development of this disease are not fully understood.


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Djurabekova Aziza Takhirovna, Bobomurodova Maftuna Hikmatullo Kizi, & Amonova Zakhro Kakhramonovna. (2024). A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH TO THE TREATMENT OF FACIAL NEUROPATHY IN CHILDREN. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 5(1), 310-315.


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