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Objectives: The aim of this study is to assess the effectiveness of fall prevention program on osteoporosis old age performance.

Methods: A quantitative approach using a quasi-experimental design was used in the present study with the application of a pre-tests/ post-tests approach for the study group and control group. Non-probability (purposive) sample of (100) osteoporotic patients were selected from senior homes. The study sample in this research was divided into two groups; (50) osteoporotic patients for the study, which were exposed to the health instructional program, and (50) osteoporotic patients for the control group.

Results: This study reveals that the level of total performance among participants towards the prevention of falls reveals that most osteoporotic patients had a low performance level in preventing falls (96%) at pre-test results. The post-test results indicate that all osteoporotic patients in the study group had a high level of performance in preventing falls (100%), while the osteoporotic patients in the control group had a low level of performance in preventing falls for the pretest and post-test. The effectiveness of instructional program on fall prevention performance, the results refer to highly significant difference among osteoporotic patients' performance in the study group at p-value= 0.00 respectively, and there is no significant difference among osteoporotic patients' performance in the control group at p-value= 0.05 respectively, Also the effectiveness of instructional program on fall prevention performance.

Conclusion: The instructional program is effective in improving performance levels. This study suggests further research on a larger sample should be carried out to estimate the incidence of osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures related to falls in Iraq and induce the practical application of the instructions, precautions, management methods, preventive measurements, and monitoring its impact on the long-term lifestyle of the seniors with osteoporosis.


Effects Fall Prevention Program Old Age Performance Osteoporosis

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Naser, A. A. R., & Khuder, K. M. (2024). FALL PREVENTION PROGRAM EFFECTS OLD AGE PERFORMANCE WITH OSTEOPOROSIS. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 5(1), 301-309.


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