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Salinity is a sever abiotic stress cause many problems in soil properaties and transform the soils to not healthy soil for plant growth, the causes of high salinity are multiple, including weather changes and high tepmparture, or arise of groundwater, its evaporation, and deposition of salinity elements on the surface of the soil.The reason may be the flow of salty water, that is unhealthy for plant growth so, the plants damage subject to in all characteristics such as vegetative growth, biochemical triates, physiological changes so, it lead to a threat to human food from their plants. sunflower plant is an oil seed crop glpbally produced, a moderately tolerant to salinity.Salinity causes a changes in oil content and quality an yield production, by this review appear how salinity effect in soil composition and plant growth, salinity arise of Na+ and Cl- which cause a sodity soil of agricultural soils, this review provides a overview of sunflower characteristecs and their growth with an affect in oil content and achen product.



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Shatha. M. Hamza. (2024). SALINITY EFFECT IN (ACHEN, OIL CONTENTS OF SUNFLOWER PLANT). HELIANTHUS ANNUUS L.REVIEW. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 5(1), 125-131.


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