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Allergy is one of the common diseases, as it is a major problem suffered by many around the world and as a result of the increase in pollutants in the recent period as a result of the conditions that the world is going through, the complexity of lifestyles, the use of many chemicals in our daily lives and the complexity of lifestyles, which led to an increase in allergies and severe infections associated with that. Through our study, we tried to find out the causes that can lead to increased allergic irritation in some people and thus increase respiratory tract infections and asthma that can threaten a person's life.

And find ways and treatments that can reduce or reduce the risk of irritability in some people who suffer from allergies to contribute to reducing such diseases in society, women are more likely to develop allergies and asthma than males, according to the American College of America (ACAAI).



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Estabraq Fawzi Najm. (2023). Study the Effect of Anaphylaxis, Its Causes and Effects on Society. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 4(5), 91-95. Retrieved from


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