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Introduction: Thyroid diseases as autoimmune (ATD) are autoimmune disorders presence of specific proteins autoantibody to of thyroid in the patient,sera i.e.,thyrotropin receptors (TSHr), Thyroid peroxidase (TPO), thyroglobulin (TG), Tgand antibodies ofTPO are utilized as clinical ATD markers, whereas antibodies of TSHr can either stimulating thyroid adenylatecyclase, resulting hyperthyroidism (TSAb), or blocking thyroid function, resulting in hypothyroidism (TSAb).

Methodology: This study was conducted on 30 patients Al- Haboby hospital and Al-Hussein hospital in Nasiriya city, Iraq (the period between February to September 2021. We studied 15 patients with Graves' disease GD [12 females and 3males]. measured using fully-automated by coobas e411analyzer (Roche Diagnostics).

Results: The most common GD presentations were diffuse goiter (100%), fine tremors (93.3%), symptoms of neuropsychiatric i.e.,hyperactivity, nervousness, and school performance beingpoor are communalcharacters in such children (80%), weight loss despite an increase inappetite (53.3%), ophthalmology (46.7%), and heat intolerance, sweating, palpitations (26.7 %).

Conclusion: No statistical significance associations were there between antibodies of thyroid and exophthalmos.There were no significant correlations between antibodies of thyroid and thyroid functions in GD.


AITDs GD Hashimoto thyroiditis TSHr abs TPO abs TG abs

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