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Background:  Patient satisfaction is the most common indicator that has been used for measuring healthcare quality and its survey represents an essential for understanding the needs of the patient and their opinion about the services that they have received. The key to enhancing patient care and satisfaction is recognizing the factors that influence patient satisfaction. The performance of medical assistants, the effectiveness of the care given, the environment's hygienic conditions, and other elements all have an impact on a client's satisfaction, in addition to the patient's own personal variables, such as their age, gender, income, health status, marital status.

Methods:  The design of this study is descriptive Cross-sectional and The samples were collected randomly during the direct interview with the patients during their answers to the questionnaires questions of the study. Data were shown in simple measures of frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and range. The mean score was also used in this study to determine the level of overall patient satisfaction.

Results: This study reveals that most patients reported good satisfaction with the medical staff, with an average of 61.73±9.59. The results also indicated that 55.4% of the participants indicated good levels of satisfaction, 39.6% indicated neutral levels of satisfaction, and 5.0% reported poor levels of satisfaction with the medical staff.   

Conclusion: Recognize and address the unique needs of different patient groups, such as the elderly, uneducated individuals, and those with multiple hospital admissions. Tailor services to meet their specific requirements, provide appropriate support systems, and ensure that patients feel respected and cared for throughout their hospital stay.


Patient satisfaction, Medical services

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Mustafa Hamed Al-ajeely, Wisam Abed Al-ameer Ali, & Alaa Hussein Abed. (2023). A Descriptive Study to Assessment of Patient’s Satisfaction Toward Medical Staff Services in the Hospitals of Babylon Governorate. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 4(5), 22-32. Retrieved from


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