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The morphology of the intramural nervous apparatus of the rabbit esophagus has been studied by neurohistological methods. It was found that in the wall of the esophagus, the submucosal and intermuscular nerve plexuses are well distinguished, which consist of nerve nodes located at the intersection of bundles of nerve fibers. The nodes of the submucosal nerve plexus are located less frequently, and the nodes of the intermuscular plexus are smaller in size, but located more densely. Intermuscular plexus nodes contain more long-axon neurocytes, which are impregnated more intensively than other neurons in the node.


rabbit intramural nervous apparatus of the esophagus

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X., K. A. (2023). The Structure of the Intramural Nervous Apparatus of the Esophagus in a Rabbit. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 4(3), 160-163.


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