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Currently, research in theoretical and clinical immunology has made significant progress. Due to the considerable development of these scientific directions and their realization in practical medicine the interest in studying structural and functional features of different organs and systems in general is understandable. Numerous publications that have appeared in recent years reflect various aspects of morpho-physiology of central and peripheral organs of immune system. A significant part of scientific achievements is in demand in practice and has been realized in investigations of immunomorphology and ultrastructure of lymphoid organs in norm, experiment and pathology. The achieved success provides a better understanding of individual characteristics of immune system in norm, pathology, primary and secondary immunodeficiency, so common nowadays. The scientific data obtained in recent years contribute to a better understanding of the cellular basis of immunity, the mechanisms of immunological recognition and the nature of intercellular interactions in the formation of the immune response.


histological features antigenicity differentiation lymphoid structures small intestine postnatal ontogeny

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S. S., M. (2023). Histological Patterns of Antigenosis Differences of Lymphoid Structures of the Postnatal Ontogenesis. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 4(2), 105-107.


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