The influence of hypertension on the Pro-oxidant capacity and lipid peroxidation in oral fluid

  • Tulkin Elnazarovich Zoirov Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Head of the Department of 2 Dentistry
  • Parviz Rahmatilloyevich Usmanov Assistant to the Department of Dentistry No. 2 Samarkand State Medical Institute Samarkand, Uzbekistan
  • Rakhmatillo Faizullaevich Usmanov MD Assistant at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Alim Bahriddinovich Turaev Assistant to the Department of Dentistry No. 2 Samarkand State Medical Institute Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Keywords: hypertension, enzymes, Oral fluid


On the basis of comparative studies of the performance of GENDER-AOS oral fluid in patients with normal blood pressure, pre-hypertension and clinically verified arterial hypertension the effect of hypertension on the increase in Pro-oxidant potential of oral liquid: a decrease in the activity of enzymes EPA – CT, SOD, MPO,GRIS AOA and the increase in the concentration of LPO products – OSH, DC,TC and MDA. Violations of the enzymatic and non - enzymatic links of the antioxidant protection of the oral fluid and the increase in the processes of POL in patients with hypertension determine the need for them to receive special additional dental care


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