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Information exchange around the world, the process of globalization, the alignment of interpersonal relations cannot but affect the human psyche. Psychosomatic disorder is caused by emotional and emotional impact, boredom, violation of the normal course of health in general as a result of the fact that external factors cause negative changes in the human psyche. Today it is proved that when somatic diseases are affected, it is impossible to cure the disease without taking into account mental factors[1;2]. Oncological diseases, which the last is called the disease of the XXI century in the years, have high growth rates all over the world. It is known that today breast cancer is of serious concern to the world community and is the cause of the untimely death of many women. Unfortunately, if earlier this disease was observed in women aged 50-60 years, every year it is rejuvenated, today the first complications are observed in adolescents, even in children, newborns.


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A, A. M., & Sh, I. A. (2022). The Significance of Mental Factors in the Treatment of the Disease. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science, 3(6), 53-57. Retrieved from


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