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Vol 4 No 5 (2023): CAJMNS

Published: Sep 3, 2023

Расстройства Аффективного Спектра При Патологиях Системы Кровообращения

1-5 Мухамадиева Н. Б.

Changes in the Biophysical Characteristics of Oral Fluid in Children with Type 1 Diabetes

6-10 Maxsumova S. S., Maxsumova I. Sh., Mukhamedova M. S., Rakhmatullayeva D. U. , Khamidov I. S

The Effect of Low-Frequency EMI in Laboratory Conditions on Some Physiological Properties of Varieties and Lines of Plants Grown Under Two Different (Normal and Water Deficit) Conditions

11-16 Sh. B. Yuldasheva, Z. Yu. Ibragimova

Immunological Aspects of the Pathogenesis of Gingivitis and Periodontitis

17-21 Abdullaeva N. I., Akhmedov A. A.

A Descriptive Study to Assessment of Patient’s Satisfaction Toward Medical Staff Services in the Hospitals of Babylon Governorate

22-32 Mustafa Hamed Al-ajeely, Wisam Abed Al-ameer Ali, Alaa Hussein Abed

Synthesis and Characterization of New 2-Thiophen 3'4-Dimethylbenzaldehyde as 3,4-Dihydropyrimidinone Derivatives

33-37 Lina Abdullah Naser

The Frequency of Thyroid Stimulating Blocking Antibodies (TSBAbs) In Individuals with Newly Diagnosed AITD

38-44 Rana Ali Othman

Preparing and Characterizing Some New Compounds of Schiff Bases Loaded on Polymers Dissolved in Water, Studying Some of their Physical Properties, And Evaluating their Biological Effectiveness

45-60 Ammar Ibrahim Mardan Al-Obaidi, Nabil Jamal Ayed Al-assly

The Influence of Body Mass Index and Craniofacial Morphology on the Eruption of Permanent Dentition in Children

61-66 Sameerah Jameel Tarfa

Association between the Risk Factors and Uterine Fibroids in Reproductive Age Group in Mosul City

67-71 Sanaa Ghazi Mustafa, Asmaa Abdulrazaq Alsanjary

Современная Интерпретация Анатомических Различий Печени, Желчного Пузыря И Желчных Ходов У Детей Разных Возрастных Групп

72-75 Бахтиярова Азиза Максудбековна, Машарипова Хулкар Кабуловна

Assessment of Biochemical Parameters in Patients with Non-Carious Lesions Associated with the Disease of the Hepatobiliary System

76-81 Axmedov A. B., Olimov S. SH.

Assessment of the Level of Neopterin in Oral Fluid and Blood Plasma in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

82-85 Raximov Sh. Sh. , Idiev G. E.

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Test

86-90 Dania Thaer Khudair

Study the Effect of Anaphylaxis, Its Causes and Effects on Society

91-95 Estabraq Fawzi Najm

Technological Processing of Gold-, Copper-Containing Ores of the Taror Deposit

96-106 Solekhova G.N., Samikhov Sh.R., Khakimov F.Kh., Ochilov D.Kh.

Dinoprostone in the Induction of Labor in Women with Late and Term Preeclampsia

107-114 Kamilova Markhabo Yadgarovna, Ishan-Khodjaeva Farangis Rustamovna, Kiyomiddinzoda Madina

The Impact of Safety Behaviour Nurses, Work Stress, Skill Competency and Hospital Commitment in Hajj Jakarta

115-122 Ahdun Trigono, Ali Khatibi, Jacquline Tham, Ferdous Azzam

Chitinase 3-Like-1 [CPa9-HNE] and Vit-D levels in Crohn's Disease

123-134 1. Munther Hasshem Barorr, Anwar Jasib Almzaiel

Occupational Health in the Carpet Weaving Industry, Prognosis and Prevention of Work-Related Diseases

135-138 A. A. Zhumaeva

Determination of Appropriate Planting Period for Growing Leaf Cabbage

139-141 Abdaliev Hayitboy Khaliqul ugli, Nizomov Rustam Akhrolovich, Aripova Shakhnoza Rakhmanovna

The Significance of Parsnap in the National Economy and the Value of Research

142-144 Shakhzod Khatamov Donyor ugli, Bokhadir Ibrakhimov Akmal ugli

Breeding of Medium- Maturing Melon Varieties with High Quality Indicators and Resistant to Powdery Mildew

145-147 Khalimova Mastura Urunbaevna

Combination Ability of Melon Powdery Mildew Resistance Varieties and Donor Lines on Yields

148-151 Rafikjon Abdunabievich Khakimov

Etiological Factors of Premature Leaking of Amniotic Fluid

152-157 A. X. Karimov, G. A. Sharipova

Sanitary and Hygienic Features of Working Conditions in Poultry Factories and Farms

158-162 Artikov Azim Ahrorovich

Ассоциированные Гены Полиморфизма Фолатного Обмена С Когнитивным Дефицитом У Детей С ДЦП

163-166 Нурматова Шоира Октябревна, Рахимова Камола Эсанбаевна, Омонова Умида Тулкиновна

Visual Assistance for Blind Person by Using Machine Learning Technology

167-189 Syed Sulthan S, Deepakraj B.K, Alfaris A, Shagar Banu, J. Rahila, P. Anand

Системные Заболевания Голоса. Диагностика И Лечения

190-194 Махамадаминова Шоира Абдувалиевна

Assessment of Causes of Adverse Drug Reaction Underreporting in South of Iraq

195-203 Mohammed Mahdi H. Abdul Hussein, Jubran K. Hassan

Marketing Mix Strategy to Increase Outpatient Loyalty at the Hajj Hospital Jakarta Indonesia

204-221 RR Sonya Dewi Wulandari, Ali Khatibi, Jacquline Tham, S. M. Ferdous Azam, Cicilia Windiyaningish

Ишемическая Болезнь Сердца И Ее Ценность В Современной Медицине

222-225 Вохидов Орифжон Файзулла уғли , Каратаева Лола Абдуллаевна
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