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2023: 4th International Conference on Innovative Methods of Public Medical Analyzes

The proceedings of the International Conference on Innovative Methods of Public Medical Analyzes will include all qualifying research papers from the scope. Central Asian Journal of Medical and Natural Science will provide a platform for health professionals, researchers, scientists, academicians, clinicians, and business professionals to present their latest research, new technologies, and knowledge through mutual interaction and exchange of ideas in various locations around the world. Healthcare administrators are concerned with managing personnel requirements, whereas healthcare managers are concerned with the whole commercial elements of a medical center. The proceeding is a particularly constructed cluster conference that includes keynote presentations, oral presentations, poster presentations, workshops, panel discussions and exhibitions, and Young Researcher Forums (YRF).

Published: Nov 13, 2023

The Effect of Genetics on The Prevalence of Diabetes in Patients

1-13 Khaleel Ibrahim Ismael, Mustafa Faeq Kazem Hussein, Abbas AbdulWahhab Jumaah Al-Salihi


14-18 Нуров У.И., Ҳазратов О.Р


19-24 Нуров У.И, Ҳазратов О.Р

Region Segmentation and Support Vector Machine for Brain Tumour Stage Analysis, Detection, and Automatic Classification

25-43 Shynu T, S. Suman Rajest, R. Regin, Steffi. R

The Role and Significance of Monitoring Intracardiac, Central and Regional Hemodynamics in Reducing Perinatal and Maternal Losses in Pregnant Women with Preeclampsia

44-49 Tuksanova D. I.

Prevention of Remodeling of the Heart

50-57 Ziyodullaev Maksud Maksmudovich

Etiological Factors of Heart Remodeling

58-63 Ziyodullaev Maksud Maksmudovich

Features of Vitamin D Metabolism in Women of Reproductive Age in the Background of Obesity

64-66 Nazarova A. B.

Prevention of Overweight and Obesity in Patients at Increased Cardiovascular Risk

67-76 Nurilloeva Shakhodat Nurillo kizi

Full-Term and Premature Children with Pneumonia: Clinical Comparison

77-79 Atoeva Munishon Nabievna

Pharmacokinetic Parallels of Gentamicin in Blood, Lymph Nodes and Soft Tissues of a Gunshot Wound to an Extremity By Different Methods of Administration

80-86 Kamal Karimov Karimovich, Suyunov Dilmurod Muminovich

Features of the Course of Respiratory System Function Disorders in Patients Suffering with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

87-90 Salaeva M. S., Sagdullaeva Y. A., Norov Sh. Sh.

Современная in Vitro Диагностика Грибковой Патологии

91-97 Абдуллаева Дилафруз Гайратовна

Results of Treatment of Terminal Neovascular Glaucoma Using the Micropulse Transscleral Cyclophotocoagulation Method

98-104 S. A. Boboyev, S. S. Babayev, J. J. Ismoilov, D. R. Abdullayeva

Comprehensive Program for the Treatment of the Face and Jaws in Patients with Viral Hepatitis

105-112 Maksudov Dilshod Davronovych, Kubayev Aziz Saidolimovich, Kosimov Sardor Abdullo Ugli, Kosimov Daler Abdullo Ugli

Diagnosis Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head Using MR Imaging

113-120 Farmonova Malika Valievna, Sokhibova Ziyoda Rakhmonovna

The Problem of Timely Diagnosis and Modern Principles of Management of Children with Bronchial Asthma

121-126 Samatov Farrux Farxodovich, Aziza Tohirovna Jurabekova
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