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Published: Mar 2, 2020

Niosome as an innovative drug delivery system

1-15 Sandeep Kumar, Dhanvir Kaur
Read Statistic: 282

Peculiarities of intestinal intestination in children

16-19 Abduganiyeva Saida Abdurashid qizi, Karimova Munisa Yusufalievna, Abdullayeva Manzuraxon Nurboy qizi
Read Statistic: 105

Electrochemical behavior of diethylamino-4-methyl-hexin-ol-4 on a platinum disk micro anode in non-aqueous media

20-28 Kh.B.Rakhmatov, G.E.Safarova, N.T.Yuldashev
Read Statistic: 25

Application of methodologies of diagnostics for patients with dizziness

29-33 M.T.Nasretdinova, H.E.Karabaev, I.A.Sharafova
Read Statistic: 86

Identification of the main reasons and evaluation of application effectiveness of phyto- and vitamin therapy in the complex treatment of endemic goiter

34-38 Ibatova Sh.M., Mukhamadiev N.K., Mukhamadieva S.N.
Read Statistic: 41

Evaluation of the effect of prolongation in eye drug films

39-45 Sarimsakov A.A., Shukurov A.I., Rashidova S.Sh.
Read Statistic: 18

Immunomodulatory therapy in the complex treatment of chronic cystic sinusitis

46-50 H.E.Karabaev, M.T.Nasretdinova, A.A.Khayitov
Read Statistic: 77