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In the course of the study, open-angle glaucoma with normal IOP was found in 28 women and 19 men, aged 40 to 65 years. All glaucoma patients with normal IOP were prescribed prostaglandin «Betaxolol», which is the drug of the first choice. Betaxolol improves the blood supply to the optic nerve along with a hypotensive effect, has a vasodilating effect on small retrobulbar vessels, reducing their resistance index regardless of the degree of reduction in IOP. Conservative therapy was considered successful when the visual field had no negative dynamics after three months of treatment.


glaucoma normal intraocular pressure clinical course

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Abdukhalimovich, K. A., & Bakhtiyorjonovich, A. T. (2021). Treatment of Glaucoma with Normal Intraocular Pressure. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND NATURAL SCIENCES, 2(5), 134-136.


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