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To study the hypotensive efficacy of micropulse diode-laser trabeculoplasty (MDLLT) and to determine its place in the complex treatment of various primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG). MDLLT was performed in 22 patients (114 eyes) with various stages of POAG. The results showed that MDLLT is an effective and safe treatment modality, especially in the early stages of POAG[6].


micropulsed diode laser trabeculoplasty primary open-angle glaucoma SIHAT KO`Z Eye Clinic

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Farkhadovich, Y. A., Abduvaliyevich, M. S., Abduvasitovna, M. K., & qizi, U. N. O. (2021). Evaluation of Micro-Pulsed Diode Laser Trabeculoplasty for Unstable Open-Angle Glaucoma. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND NATURAL SCIENCES, 2(5), 22-24.


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