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The team of the Department of Hospital and Faculty Orthopedic Dentistry of the Tashkent State Dental Institute has created a domestic dental implant. Dental implant "" is made in two-stage and one-stage form. Implementation of the implant in one-stage and two-stage forms expands the range of implantation means, depending on the medical indications and the patient's wishes. Microscopic examination of the jaw bone tissue at 1, 3, 6 months after implantation at the implant-bone interface showed that the bone tissue adheres tightly to the metal surface of the implants, no foreign inclusions, overlays and cavities are detected in the contact zones.


domestic implant installation of a dental implant mucous membrane when using the implant blood counts

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Mun, T. O., Khabilov, N. L., Usmanov, F. K., Salimov, O. R., Shukparov, A. B., & Ilyas, S. (2021). Experience of Experimental Application of Rational Design of Domestic Dental Implant. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND NATURAL SCIENCES, 2(5), 5-11.


  1. 1. The domestic dental implant "" made of titanium of BT-1.00 grade, consisting of intraosseous part, containing conical apical part with thread and coronal part, and extraosseous part including crown part, has been developed. At the apical end of the apical part there are anti-rotation notches in the form of cross grooves.
  2. 2. The developed dental implant, implanted into the jaw bones of the experimental animals did not cause pathological changes in their organism, which allows to recommend it for clinical research;
  3. 3. Microscopic examination of the jaw bone tissue at 1, 3, 6 months after implantation on the implant-bone interface showed that the bone tissue adheres tightly to the metal surface of the implants; no extraneous inclusions, deposits or cavities are detected in the contact areas.
  4. 4. The studies performed allow us to recommend implementation of the developed domestic dental implant in the practice of surgical and orthopaedic dentistry.
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